the benefits of circumcision

it's been almost 8 months since i got my circumcision. i've been planning to write a little update post, like i had done after one, two, three, four, five and twelve weeks since getting cut, except this time about my longer-term impressions. but i realised that literally everything i wanted to write was… super positive. i might just as well title this post “the benefits of circumcision” at this point!

quick disclaimer: just because it's been an absolutely amazing choice for me, doesn't necessarily mean it would also be great for you. if you're thinking of getting circumcised, think about what you need and want, not what happened to work out for me 😉

i can touch it. and it feels soooo good!

i think that's the biggest one for me. my glans and inner foreskin were waaaaay too sensitive before my circumcision. i used to flinch on even a thought of touching my glans with something like a dry fabric of underwear. so i was actually afraid that permanently exposing it would make things so much worse, at least for a whiiiile until i get used to it.

turns out, it was surprisingly easy to get used to the feeling, and it took only like a few weeks to completely stop noticing the exposure. after i was allowed to start using my dick again around week 6, i just couldn't stop touching it!

i can fully enjoy blowjobs jow

before, i would often yank and pull away when getting sucked off. sometimes i'd almost instantly get soft when getting a blowjob. not that i hadn't enjoyed them, but… well, it was always a mixed bag. like tickles – they make you laugh and are kinda enjoyable, but the body's reflex is to get away.

now? oh my, yes, suck me off please!

i feel more

paradoxically, i would count both feeling less and more as the benefits of my circ. that's because the excess skin covering my glans before would make some sensations more… dull. if i didn't keep stimulating my cock, it would quickly go soft. not that it's super hard all the time after the circ, but daaamn the sensation of your hard cock pulling on itself is just amazing. when i'm hard, i feel that i'm hard – and that hadn't always been a super obvious feeling for me.

i can still masturbate dry, but enjoying lube more than before

i wanted a tight cut, but i was also afraid that i'd be doomed to requiring lube to masturbate. the doctor cut me a bit looser and higher than i had in mind, but i'm super grateful for the job that he did.

i still have enough skin to comfortably just rub it off whenever i want without getting my hands sticky, yet there's a brand-new dimension to jerking off with lube too, if i want.

i couldn't fully retract my foreskin

well, technically i could – but it did hurt a bit. not terribly badly, it wasn't a case of phimosis that would warrant a “medical indication” good enough for the insurer. but for sure having my foreskin retracted was not a natural state for my erect cock.


i know it's subjective as fuck, but daaaamn ever since i got into the idea of getting cut, i can't take my eyes off cut dicks. that “helmet” outline of the glans, that dildo shape, oh my satan, yasssss please!

and i feel like for my own dick it's even more the case – because i really hated how much excess foreskin i had. not just covering the glans, but sticking out way beyond. meh.

balls less saggy

the extra skin pull seems to have had an unexpected effect on my ball sack skin as well! ideally, i would still probably prefer them a little bit tighter, but hey, yay for surprise benefits!

gender dysphoria alleviated

most people wouldn't think of circumcision as a form of gender-affirming surgery. but for me, it turned out to be one!

i'm agender, my relationship to my body, genitals, masculinity and femininity is, well, complicated. i'm still exploring all of that.

it's not that i didn't enjoy having a dick, but i was also seriously considering getting rid of it. the masculinity associated with using it (and in particular with topping in penetrative sex) didn't really sit well with me, and it felt like i would feel better about it, if i didn't have it at all – but at the same time i'd jerk off regularly and often times enjoy people taking care of it too, so i didn't really want to lose it.

i'm glad that i explored that thought more gradually – because now, with more pleasure and fewer tickles coming my way, with what feels like a brand-new dick, purposefully crafted by me, it's way easier to separate the dick from the masculinity. it's not a man's dick, it's my dick; and it's exactly how i decided i want it. i'm still agender, even when i'm enjoying my masculine and feminine bits.

bigger cumshots

that was a surprise too! before my circ, my cumshots weren't really shots. cum was usually just flowing out. it's not something i'd ever feel too bad about, but now that the opposite is the case, i'm really appreciating how hot it feels and looks to just explode with cum all over the place!

better aim peeing

that's nowhere near the most important aspect for me, but i gotta admit – peeing feels so different now! it's definitely easier to aim and i can pee from a greater distance.

better hygiene

that one gets quoted a lot as a good reason to get cut. i think it's bullshit. it's really not that hard to keep an intact cock clean, and it's not like tightly cut dicks never smell like a dick either. but admittedly, it's objectively easier to keep one's penis cleaner when there's no foreskin in the way, so i might as well put it down as well.

more comfy chastity

to be honest, i thought that chastity would be a bigger part of my sex life after circumsion than it turned out to be. it might be related to the alleviated gender dysphoria, it might be that i like using my dick more now, so it feels less tempting to lock it away, or it might just be that my brain has moved on from that fetish to new ones. either way, i haven't really tried out how it feels now to wear a cage long-term… but short-term wear indeed confirms that having less skin to accidentally get pinched or caught between the cage and briefs, is indeed a more pleasant experience.

summing up

i feel like i got a gift of a new cock. and i love getting new cocks! 😈