i'm finally #TeamCut week 1

aaa! i finally did it! got my foreskin and frenulum cut off! i've been planning it for quite a while now 😅

today it's one week since the procedure, a perfect moment to share some insights and pics.

first off, some before pics:

and even a before vid:

the procedure itself was quick and pretty painless. i was way more nervous before than during 😅

“pretty” painless, because even after two doses of local anæsthetic, i still felt the cut at some point and needed a third dose 😅 not complaining, i like me some pain on my dick sometimes 😈 but daaamn, if i extrapolate that level of pain to the entire procedure, that would be unbearable… thank science for anæsthetics! and if i ever had an objective confirmation that my cock was overly sensitive and needed some desensitising, then having to receive three doses was definitely it 😅

before it, of course, the doctor explained the procedure, after care, we discussed the cut style, etc. he did ask for a reason, but a simple “æsthetic and sexual reasons” was enough, he didn't need details.

i managed to sneak some pics during the procedure:

the drive home was not bad, anæsthetics made my dick totally numb. it actually felt really validating for me as an agender person to have a glimpse of what it would feel like to have no dick at all – and i'm not gonna lie, it was a very good feeling 😊

the doctor warned that for the first week my dick is gonna be swollen and discoloured, and it's completely fine. indeed, right after getting back home i snatched this pic, you can see how swollen it was:

the purple stains are just ink from marking the cut lines.

it was so swollen, that bandage was barely staying on, i had to replace it quite often in the first two days. i also took lots of paracetamol in those first two days, the constant soreness was pretty annoying otherwise.

fun fact: normally my hard cock has ~14 cm circumference. after circ it got to ~16 cm when soft 🙈

by day four swelling got a bit better. i like this pic i snatched of it looking kinda like micropenis button:

some pics from day 6:

and today on day 7:

i'm very lucky to be able to go around most of my day naked, cause no matter which underwear i'm wearing, it's annoying and makes the swelling worse. but since i'm working from home and not living with blood family, i basically only have to wear underwear during zoom meetings, walks with dogs, etc.

and of course for sleep… sleep is probably the biggest problem at the moment, everything else goes quite smoothly. the main objective right now is to avoid erections, otherwise sutures might break and recovery would take much longer. as much as it's doable during the day (i still watch porn and chat with people on dating sites – i just quickly switch tabs as soon as it's starting to get hard… very weird kind of edging 😅), at night i have way less control over it 😢

i have an extra alarm in the middle of the night to just get up, take a piss and come back to sleep – apparently that reduces nocturnal erections. and it mostly helps, but in the morning it's getting painful still. imagine having an amazing dream in which you're in a cosy cottage house with your incredibly sexy high school crush, you watch the stars together, you start kissing, undressing… and then you're woken up by a painful erection that you need to get rid off as soon as possible. exactly…

anyways… otherwise it's going pretty well. i was anxious about how would it feel with the glans constantly exposed, but i gotta admit – so far it's not annoying at all, it's actually quite pleasant. yay! ❤️