joining #TeamCut week 3

it's been three weeks since i got rid of my foreskin and frenulum – and the healing is going very well!

erections aren't painful anymore – which is especially good for my sleep, waking up with a morning wood stopped being a torture 😅 because of the swelling, they're still not full erections, though. my clitty only gets up to around ~13 cm (normally it's ~18 cm). which turns me on massively (as a person who wishes for a smaller cock), so it's such a shame that i can't even jerk it now 😭

but, speaking of tiny cocks… depending on my posistion and the angle, it often looks like a tiny belly button dicklet at the moment 😂😍

surprisingly, though, as much as the swelling takes a toll on the length, i seem to be getting… a more prominent bulge now 🙈

my cock head used to be almost constantly stuck to my balls, but now my flaccid dick is getting more “pointy”, even inside underwear. not bad! i love pointy dicks! i was never expecting i'll ever have one 😅

anyways… back to healing… my third week started and ended with me removing some stitches. the suture has already come out along most of the circumference, only one part (right next to the former frenulum) still had it inside – and it kept bleeding and hurting a bit. the thing is, the actual thread was still in one piece, still on my dick – and every time i'd get hard, it would pull on the part that's still inside, as well as cut into the ridge under the head. terrible… so i cut it off and only left tiny bits sticking out of the skin where it was still needed.

that helped massively, erections stopped hurting and the frenulum area finally started healing. today it got so good, actually, that the remaining sutures came off as well, leaving just a teeny tiny bit on the frenulum itself.

speaking of the frenulum… it's not 100% removed (as i was planning to, but failed to communicate that to the doctor 😅), but i think i actually like it like that. touching that area feels really good. i suppose i'll try it out and reconsider a full frenulectomy next year 🤔

in fun news – i'm starting to have sex again 😈 sure, i can't jerk off or penetrate – but it's not like my clit is usually doing much during sex anyway 🤷 after successfully coming anally twice in the last few days, with the clit fully flaccid and safely hidden from attrition in a jockstrap, i felt safe enough to try having sex again.

it was pretty vanilla, of course, i was wearing a jockstrap (although struggling to stay soft 🙈) and trying to be very delicate. and i had an amazing time worshipping the body of my FWB and my husband and sucking them both dry 🥵

i can't wait for more 😍