in 2022 i decided i want to get circumcised – and i did lots of research into which cut style i'd like to get. i thought it would've been way easier, if there was some simple quiz online that'd give you the answer and nicely summarised info.

Screenshot of the “Circumcision styles” page


back in 2019 i needed a tool to automatically calculate my chastity sentence in a retweet game. so i wrote one. and others wanted to use it too. gradually i added more features: chastity calendar, forum, chat, other games, and so much more.

at the moment #TeamLocked is available in 6 languages and used by 32k people, over a thousand being active every day.

the project grew bigger than my ability to maintain it 😢 it's now being run by the people from EmlaLock.

Screenshot of the homepage: two locked dicks in the background, text: #TeamLocked: Let's build a community of locked subs


in berlin in the summer of 2017 three naturist friends (including myself and my husband) were complaining about how inaccessible the information about naturist spots around the city is (no map, just a description in german, outdated info, etc.) – and they decided to do something about it.

NakedAdventure is a map of nudist places created by the community.

Screenshot of the homepage of NakedAdventure