bears are fucking hot! 😍 i'm into all body types, but i gotta admit – there's something about a big, comfy, huggable belly that makes me extra horny 😈

i used to be thin as fuck… like, seriously underweight, thin as a straw, and really hating that about my body. i kept trying to gain some weight, stuff myself with high-calorie food, nothing worked. until finally it… slowly started to. roughly around the time when i moved out of my parents' place and in with my future husband. my best guess as to why is that eating and snacking was always a social activity at home, and i really hated spending time with my homophobic family, so i wasn't really eating properly, even though was technically not hungry or even “full”. but who knows, maybe it's not that, maybe my body just changed with age…

either way, i started slowly getting in a shape i liked more. and, well, i never stopped liking the changes i've been seeing ❤️

the first of the four pictures above was taken in may 2016 when i was weighing 69 kg; the one in the middle is from november 2019 and that's 85 kg; third one is 88 kg in january 2020; and the last one is recent, at 103 kg. at each step of the way, i was liking my body more than before 😍

sure, i'm certain that won't go on for ever. but as of now, i'll try to reach 110 kg and see how i feel about continuing 😉

anyways, probably not much more to say here at the moment, so let me just share some stats and pics 😅

i bought an electronic scale in june 2021 and it's been saving data points ever since, so i can share a cool chart now:

i started that period at 93.8 kg and got to 103.7 kg ❤️

i like how my belly looks when i lean a bit:

i love this pic from the side as well:

aaand my fat ass too!

i just wish more of that fat went into boobs… 🥺