sex work can be fun!

i did some sex work a few years ago. not much, it was very casual, so i wouldn't call myself a sex worker nor dare to speak in the name of sex workers, but there's one thing i'd like to share about my experience.

you see, often when there's a discussion about the subject, people rush to point out how terrible it must be to be forced to this line of work – either by violence or by life circumstances and lack of other options. and as much as such situations are of course real, tragic and outrageous, it's sad that we tend to forget that those tragic stories aren't all that there is to sex work. that we can't imagine someone voluntarily choosing it and even enjoying it.

being an escort is not a job for me; not full-time, and not anymore – partly because of health reasons, partly because i need more stability in life, and partly because i don't do well with people-oriented jobs – being a sex worker comes with a lot of emotional labour attached and my introverted brain ain't no fan of that. but i'm very lucky to have a day job that i love and make good money off, i'm far from needing a side hustle (be it sex-work or not). so for me creating a profile on hunqz was more an adventure than a job.

i'm sure that when your livelihood depends on it, you probably approach things differently. it's hard to compare my experiences with someone who does this for a living. but my point isn't to compare anything – it's to show that it's possible for people to voluntarily engage in sex for money, even if there's absolutely nothing making them.

i've met with a few guys. and very much enjoyed having amazing sex with… idk, more than half of them? the rest weren't terrible either, but not an experience i would repeat. i never did anything i didn't want to do.

i had sex and got money for it. awesome!

if you're one of the people who think that sex work is demeaning and they couldn't possibly imagine anyone willingly choosing this path, i need to ask… why? what in your life experience and your sex life makes you unable to comprehend that some people might enjoy sex, enjoy money, and also enjoy when sex comes together with money?

do you know what it feels like when somebody offers to give you a hundred euros just so that you have sex with him? cause i do. and it feels amazing.